The Vining Family were the creators and owner/operators of an iconic Palmerston North, family entertainment complex for over 20 years - Golf City.

The complex grew over time, and went on to host a 20 hole mini-golf, 2x 9 hole golf courses, indoor/outdoor driving range, retail pro-shop and café and bar. In the early 2000's, the complex was sold, and the Family went on to start Golf Distributors. Now the largest distributor of golf equipment in New Zealand.

Golf Distributors product is currently sold in a range of golf stores from the top of the North to the bottom of the South Islands. Golf Distributors understands that every golfer is different, and therefore, supplies a range of product to suit any need, and most importantly; any budget.

A unique area of the business is the dedicated custom building service. This purpose built area of the Palmerston North warehouse offers a very unique service that is unrivaled.


The team at Golf Distributors work together to bring the best out of the game. Golf can be a competition, however we see it as a lifestyle. One where every man, woman or child who chooses to pick up a golf club and play the amazing sport, can be supported by those in the industry who know the product, and can meet the needs for all golfers, of any level.

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