Blackout Power Products is a company who has specialised in small generators and domestic use compressors and water blasters. The range has since grown to include 50cc Scooters, outdoor furniture, and in more recent times - road cones and barrier arms.

The Blackout road cones carry a point of difference. There aren't a lot of options when it comes to improving a simple product like the orange road cone. However that's exactly what the team at Blackout have managed to do. They have invested time and money in to research, development and factory moulds, all with the aim of improving what we all perceive to be something that needs no improvement.

During a factory visit, the team at Blackout Power Products came across the Euro 50 scooter. 7 years on, and Blackout are averaging 5 sales per week of these scooters. The scooters are an affordable way to get on the road, and the team at Blackout have been sure to offer a bike that is stylish, functional and reliable.

The core business for Blackout has been the sale of domestic use generators, water pumps, water blasters, air compressors and the related parts/servicing for these items. Sold through stores in the early years, the brand is now available for purchase direct from the website, with shipping available nationwide.


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